Herpes Dating: The Ultimate Guide for Herpes Singles

Dating is all about encountering someone, with whom you can appreciate, spend time, disclose secrets and take the relationship to a new dimension. Herpes dating is no different.

Herpes dating can be hard in the first place, as you have to come across the hurdles of STI. However, with the right communication and trust, you can strengthen the relationship and come out of the impossibility track.

Is Herpes Dating Possible With Herpes Singles?

If you deal with genital herpes and think that you are out of the dating game, then you need to rethink and reconsider.

With the emergence of the dating platform for dating herpes singles like Positive Singles, it has become easier to come out of conventional thinking. It is still possible to start a romantic relationship when you undergo herpes.

Such kinds of websites allow you to meet people with similar diseases and look forward to starting a new life.

How To Tell A Potential Partner I Have Herpes?

The conditions of herpes carry many stigmas although it is a very common sexually transmitted infection. On the other hand, as herpes carries HSV viruses, there is a higher chance of spreading the same through kisses or sex.

Therefore, it is necessary to disclose the STIs to your partner before starting herpes dating. You need not talk to your partner about the diseases at the outset. However, you should bring in the matter before you start kissing or having sex.

It will not only protect your partner’s health but also fortify your relationship and offer a positive direction. Therefore, you can take your time, take a deep breath and convey your complications without wasting a lot of time.

Obviously, it is the most difficult part of the discussion between you and your partner about this subject. Therefore, you can initiate the discussion from common problems and then take that to herpes. You can also console their shocked mind by highlighting your honesty and genuineness in the relationship.

Best Herpes Dating site and App

There are hundreds of dating sites online that offer an amazing platform to people with herpes. They also guarantee top-notch features like dedicated chat rooms, social groups, utmost privacy, treatment information, and more.

However, online herpes dating sites like Positive Singles and MPQH.com tops the list. Here we will provide in-depth information on these two best herpes dating sites online below.

Positive Singles

Without a doubt, it is the largest and most reliable wonderland for people with herpes. It caters to countless people with STDs by offering the right matches for initiating a friendship, dating, long-term relationship, and even marriage.

Started in 2001, Positive Singles has inscribed more than 60,000 success stories in these 22 years. This online herpes dating site accommodates more than 2.35 million users.

It offers groundbreaking features like live dating advisors, treatment stories, STD blogs, and other helpful resources. Positive Singles is exclusively for singles with a genuine herpes diagnosis.

Positive Singles is a well-known herpes dating site across the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia. It is a one-stop dating site for people with herpes, which eliminates the aspects of discrimination and rejection.


Meeting people with herpes is an exciting herpes dating site that is all ears to eliminate the fear and gloominess of affected ones. It is also one of the best platforms to meet exciting singles and initiate long-term relationships. The platform is easy to use and ensures a safe environment for people with herpes. MPWH also stays on the front wheel to minimize the awkwardness and nurture the themes of herpes dating.

People with herpes can come across a myriad of exciting features like Wink, Reverse Match, and Spark and go through intuitive forums and blogs. You can register on this site for free to use generic features or opt for a paid membership to unlock more features that are exciting.

Safe Dating Tips for Herpes Dating Online

Owing to the STI, stigma individuals with herpes feel a provocation about their dating life. Most of them consider this phase as the end of their sex and dating life. However, in reality, people with herpes can also experience an exciting like anyone else. Here are some of the safe dating tips for herpes dating online for those who think dating is impossible and challenging for them.

Effective communication plays a key role in herpes dating. Whether it is about dating or exchanging fluids, both of you should interact with each other. In addition, you should not restrain yourself to discuss sex and other intimate topics

Moreover, you should decide the right time to disclose your health conditions. Always remember the time you choose to tell your partner about your disease should not be just before or right after having sex. You also should be honest and transparent with your partner. It will help you build trust in your partner. You need to take the necessary steps to minimize transmission risks during herpes dating.

Herpes dating online can be challenging, but by following the right tips, you can overcome the same and weave a great relationship. So signup today and enjoy the fruitful benefits of herpes dating.

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