STD Dating Is Not Easy, Things You Should Know While Meeting People with STDs

Broaching the Topic of STIs and STDs:

STD dating is dating specifically with people who have sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections. These are diseases or infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. Sexual contact can be vagina, oral or anal sex. In some stances, it can also pass through another intimate physical contact.

How to tell your partner that you’re diagnosed with STD?

In most cases of STDs people go about their lives and the diseases are treatable. STDs are diagnosed through cultures or blood tests and are easy to manage. Some the STDs like HIV are deadly and do not have a cure.

Society has created a taboo and looks down upon people with STDs that people prefer not discussing it. Thus STD singles often find themselves in a very awkward situation. They find it difficult to progress in their dating life. However, the heart is the heart and to love is very normal. Letting people know about the situation is also very tricky and embarrassing.

STD dating sites come to the rescue:

STD dating sites are the biggest game changers here. PositiveSingles are the NO.1 herpes dating site for people living with STDs, free to sign up and browse like-minded people. They are your cheerleaders and support you as a positive person. The sites offer community resources, and a way to come along for forming a web of opportunities for friendships and relationships beyond dating. The sites work to help find people from the same background.

STD dating websites make STD dating a reality. Dating websites are inclusive communities. There is no judgement rather it is all about acceptance. The sites are the safety nets that give people with STDs the opportunity to interact and connect with people who are sailing in the same boat.

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Be direct in your profiles - PositiveSingles:

STD dating is not easy rather even coming to terms with your diagnosis or your partner’s is also not easy. People often find it difficult to come out with their issues and communicate about them with an open mind.

People with STDs and STIs are looked down upon. Their lifestyle choices are questioned. Often society considers them untouchables. Even thinking about disclosing the fact is traumatic. However, support from STD dating sites is a boon. They are there to help the people to accept their ailment. Thus even before you intend to start the relationship be clear about your situation. In your profile specify clearly that you suffer from the disease.

How to disclose the fact related to STD and STI:

The dating sites have filters where you can find someone by selecting the same category. Also, there are specific sites for STD and STIs dating. STD is an umbrella term and there are different types of the ailment. Thus, the website often gives the option to disclose the strain type. There are code words that one can use to disclose their ailment.

Safe dating tips for people with STDs/ STIs

STD and STI are both easily transferred with physical contact. Thus the dating with STD /STI becomes significant to follow certain safety tips. The safety tips or precautions are as follows:

1.Using condoms or dental dams while having oral or anal sex is mandatory. Though both condoms and dental dams do not give 100% safety, still they grant protection. Use condom-safe lubricant for latex condoms.

2.Use a barrier method in sexual activity- this is a safe way to enjoy sexual life. Using Gloves for manual penetration or stimulators can help in experiencing pleasure without any risk. However, the gloves should be discarded and the stimulators should be cleaned properly.

3.Medicines- consult your doctor along with your partner to understand the precautions and safety measures that you need to follow. Take pre-exposure prophylaxis medicines to reduce the risk of contracting HIV.

4.Vaccinations- it is vital to take vaccinations as a safeguard against human papillomavirus, Hepatitis A, and hepatitis B. openly discuss your health conditions with your partner. Open discussions can save us from unfortunate incidents.

5.Avoid sexual contact under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It is often witnessed that under the influence of substances, safety protocols are missed, increasing the risk factors.

6.Washing hands and mouth- after sexual contact of any sort it is very crucial that both partners wash their hands and mouth thoroughly. Maintaining high standards of hygiene is mandatory.

STD dating websites ensure the safeguarding of the privacy and safety of the members. Under no circumstances except if required by law they share the details about the members. Also, to maintain cordial relationships in the group and avoid the further spread of disease the sites require people to disclose the ailment. However there is an abundance of acceptability thus, one is free to share the details. Also, the success stories of other members often make it easy to disclose the details.

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